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We make client communication a breeze

Keep a written record of all communication, get feedback for your images & videos and send really big files. All in a single place.

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Tired of always digging through infinite email threads?

So are your clients. It’s time to have everything neatly organized!

Why use Deliveright Timeline?

It keeps things safe and simple.

Everything in one place

Everything in one place

Details about the shooting? In the Timeline. Files from the client? In the Timeline. Feedback on your work? In the Timeline. Simple.

Get feedback for your work

Get feedback for your work

Replace the long streams of emails with comments on individual files. The clients can also approve or reject individual images & videos.


No client signup required

You have everything in one place, and your clients use what they love: their email. Plus, they can easily access the Timeline without logging in.

There's more!

Attach any file

Attach any file

Both you and the clients can attach any file to the conversations - and if it is visual, we will show a nice preview.


Send really large files

Compared to other transfer tools that limit the file size, Deliveright allows you to send even those 20GB+ files in a blink of an eye.


Download original files

Project ready? Release the files for your clients. Need the ones your clients approved? Just tap download!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is this for my clients?

Very easy - nothing changes for them! Every message that you send them arrives in their inbox and they can reply to you just as they normally do.

At the same time, every email they get from you contains a secure link to the whole conversation, so they can also see the timeline - no more scrambled email threads or reading the conversation bottom-up.

What type of files does the Timeline support?

Short answer: any type.

Long answer: We make previews for images (jpg & png) and for videos (standard types). The files we cannot yet create previews will be added to the conversation, like attachments. When either one of you needs a file, just tap on it and it gets downloaded to your computer - just like email.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept payments through PayPal that works with all major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Do my projects expire?

At the moment we don’t delete any files. If this will ever change, we will first email you a backup of the conversation, so you will always have access to it.

Have any other questions?

Contact us or use the Feedback section inside Deliveright.

All your client communication in a single place

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